Miguel Laino

1. Black Portrait of a Poet

2. Fugaz Realidad, K-holes and Fragmented Reality and Right Back to Right Now

3. The Long Walk Ahead While Looking Back in Disbelief

4. No There, No Then…

5. Patient

6. Designated Guardian

7. The Observer Effect

8. Salvado 

9. Stepping Across the Edge of the In-between

10. Portrait



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Been wanting to do this for a while as I’ve been running low on cash to fuel my questionable obsession with How to Train Your Dragon toys. Here are some examples of my work and the price of each (you can click the images for more details):

  • Portrait - £2
  • Animal drawing - £2
  • Fineliner drawing - £5
  • Animated piece - £1 for a lil thing or £4 for a bigger thing
  • High-res illustration - large £4, small £2
  • A cool t-shirt design of your fave quote - £2

If you want anything made available on a t-shirt, I’ll do the design itself for half the price because you then have to buy the t-shirt on RedBubble, which is around £18-20.

If you’re interested then drop me a message with your request and I’ll give you a quote!!! and I’ll sort everything out through PayPal so it’s all secure for you :)) If you could reblog this post that’d be a+!!!!


State of sex, Asger Carlsen

"I always use what remains of my dreams of the night before."

- Eugene Ionesco on writing (via theparisreview)

Friday, friday, gotta get down and read my latest blog post by clicking here. It’s a fab guide on making a criminally simple bit of decor. Woo! Great for students about to move into their new homes, maybe…

Alternatively, if you dislike home furnishing and want to find that friday feeling, read my older blog post on alfresco dining in Greenwich by clicking hereeeeee

If none of this tickles your reading fancy, then wait until Sunday when I round up my opinions on this week’s entertainment hot topics, including the infamous fifty shades… again…  

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So much wow. 


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